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Nomination Preparation Tips:

Download a draft template

1. Create a draft of your nomination before submitting it online:

  • Prepare a draft offline – here is an offline version of the form that you can use to prepare your nomination for submission.
  • Have someone look it over – many contractors work with the manufacturer of the product sprayed – typically they have marketing expertise and staff that can assist you. Have them review / edit / assist in the nomination preparation - send your draft to them and ask for their assistance. RETURNING  in 2023 - the project will receive 5 extra credit points when you work with a supplier.
  • Highlight the most important aspects of the project up front – In the description of the project highlight the 1 or 2 most important points of your nomination - what makes it special. You can and should provide more detail about these points in the other sections, but be sure to let the reader / judges know the key points of the nomination right up front.

2. Review your entry based on the judging criteria:

  • Innovation (5 points) – Did you use new tools, new markets, new applications, new techniques?
  • Best Practices (15 points) – As defined in the Best Practices guidelines.Click for more details.
  • Problem Solving (20 points) – Did you have to do anything unusual or extra to meet the client's requirements? Special apparatus, safety concerns, difficult conditions, tight deadlines, unique scheduling?
  • Risk Mitigation (20 points) – Includes Health and Safety, as well as other risks to the client, property, staff or SPF contractor.
  • Value for Money (15 points) – Includes energy savings, but also recognizes other values of SPF. Where the benefits are measureable and significant, your odds improve. Client testimonials are an excellent way to express the benefits of a project.
  • Speed of Delivery (5 points) – Notes about the efficiency and efficacy of the application.
  • Environmental Sustainability (20 points) – Ways in which the use of SPF supported environmental concerns.

3. Submit high-resolution pictures; be sure to show some with the proper use of PPE. These pictures may be used in the Awards Program and, if you win, may be featured in SPFA media.

Each project submitted is likely impressive. But it is essential to winning for you to spend a bit of time thinking about how your project will be seen by judges and the SPF community. Your effort to communicate its uniqueness could be the difference between 1st, 2nd, or last place. One suggestion from past winners is to ask for write-up assistance from the manufacturer of the product sprayed – typically they have marketing expertise and staff that can assist you. Don't forget – your winning project is good promotion for them too!  And now worth 5 bonus points!

What do I get if my project wins?
Submitting a project is not a difficult task, but it isn't a thirty second deal either. You need to take high-resolution pictures, write it up, submit it and come to the awards program.

  1. Crystal award etched with your company name for display in your office.
  2. Media kit to assist in the marketing of your victory. This kit provides a model press release to distribute to the media outlets in your service area; along with Award winner graphics to use with your email, quotes, invoices, and digital media, to represent your organization as a National Industry Excellence Award winner. This will assist you so you can return from the awards ceremony ready to promote your award winning organization.
  3. Listing on SPFA website as an award winner. Other promotional opportunities may arise throughout the year such as highlighting the winning project in SPFA media as appropriate, and other opportunities.
  4. Winning projects may be featured in SPFA web site or other media (see examples below from previous years).
  5. Recognition in the Industry for your outstanding work. SPF takes a high performance contractor to do the job exceptionally and produce a winning project. Use this to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  6. The winner of each of the 7 categories will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a $5000 marketing package.
    There are TWO Grand Prizes - worth $5000 each! These prizes are possible thanks to the Awards sponsors - Arkema and Evonik..
Also available (for purchase)
  • 2'x6' Pop-up display banner highlighting you as an award winner. This banner makes a great demonstration tool in your office lobby, your website, local or regional trade events where you may have an exhibit (e.g. regional chamber of commerce event).
  • Nomination presentation Video - your presentation from the awards ceremony - edited as a stand-alone video highlighing your achievement.

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Click to each of the images below to see examples of excellent winning submissions